Immediately next to my TV cable connection is a small red LED and a switch to turn it on. Why can’t I receive park cable TV when this LED is turned on?

When you switch ON the LED, you are connecting your TV to your rooftop antenna. When you switch OFF the LED you are connecting your TV to the park cable TV system.

I’m camping at a site, which has a sewer connection. Should I leave my Black Dump Valve open or closed?

Closed. You MUST trap all the Black water inside the Black tank, so that it can break down the solids.

Does my Atwood brand water heater need an anode rod?

No. Only Suburban brand water heaters need an anode rod.

What is an Anode rod?

It is a rod, which is screwed into the drain hole of Suburban brand water heaters. It is made of a highly rustable metal. The water inside the hot water heater will rust the anode rod, and not the steel walls of the water heater tank. However after the anode rod is rusted away the water will want to rust the steel walls of the water heater tank. So it’s essential that the anode rod be inspected annually and replaced if more than 75% rusted away. You may purchase Anode Rods here.

A circuit breaker tripped in my circuit breaker panel. However, when I turn the circuit breaker back ON, it immediately trips again. Why?

After a circuit breaker trips, you must reset it before turning it back ON. To reset it, you must press it hard into the OFF position and then hard into the ON position.

My air conditioning trips the 20amp circuit breaker on very hot days. Why?

On very hot days everyone in the RV park is running their air conditioners, and this causes the incoming voltage (from the park) to drop too low (e.g. below 108 volts). This low incoming voltage causes the air conditioner to draw too much current, which causes the circuit breaker to trip. You can buy an automatic step-up transformer (also called an Auto-former) to correct this problem. See the “Buy RV Parts Here” section of my website.

How can I tell if my propane water heater also includes an electric heating element?

Atwood water heaters (which include an electric element) will include the letter C in their model number. Suburban water heaters (which include an electric element) will include the letter E in their model number. The model number for all types of
water heaters is visible when you open the outside cover of the water heater.