Committed to Providing Quality RV Repair in Riverside, CA 

There are more RV’s in Riverside county than any of the surrounding counties and many of those RV’s are permanently set up, or are occupied on a long term basis.  When those RV’s need service, it isn’t viable to take them to a repair shop.  They need an expert mobile technician to make the needed repairs on-site.

If this describes your situation please call us.  We’re “Chadwick – RV Doctor” and we provide the best mobile RV repair in Riverside, CA.

Whether you’re staying in Riverside for a few days or a few years, we can help with your RV service requirements.  All our technicians are Master Certified RV Technicians. This is the highest level of credentialing in the RV industry and requires constant continuing education classes to maintain this certification.

In addition to being fully credentialed our technicians travel in fully stocked one ton service vans carrying tools, test equipment, spare parts and a huge technical library. When we arrive on site there is a 90% probability that your issue will be fixed within 1 hour. And if we can’t fix it, the call is free! (see website for details). No other mobile RV repair in Riverside CA dares to offer that promise because no other company has our level of technical competence.

Also consider these points

  • Are the competition technicians Certified?
  • Do they carry liability insurance?
  • Do they have a toll free number?
  • Do they carry a huge selection of parts on-hand?
  • Are they a warranty center for dozens of manufacturers?
  • Do they give you a 90 day written guaranty?
  • Do they arrive in a professional uniform?
  • Do they arrive in a proper service vehicle?
  • Do they offer a “We Fix It Or It’s Free” guaranty?
  • Do they offer service 7 days a week?

Our technicians meet all of the above criteria and still cost less than the repair shops.

When you take your RV to a shop, the staff will insist that you remain outside the service area, citing some OSHA regulation. Our technicians don’t mind if you watch closely and ask questions during the repair. Just don’t get so close that you slow as down. ? During the repair it is common for the technician to update the customer as to what exactly is being done, and what steps the customer could take in the future to avoid this problem.  This might result in fewer service calls in the future, but generates tremendous goodwill and customer satisfaction.

RV’s are complicated vehicles, with moving walls, multiple electrical systems, and control switches all over the place. It’s not surprising that most RV problems are beyond the abilities of the owner and really require an expert.  When your situation requires an expert RV repair in Riverside County  you can be assured that “The Doctor” has your best interest at heart.

If your schedule is tight and you don’t have time during the day to wait around your RV while repairs are being made, …no problem. Just tell us where you’ve hidden your keys and we’ll make the repairs  while you’re away.  When we’re finished we’ll call you for your credit card number.  Easy!  We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. If you’re home and want to pay with cash, we offer a $10 cash discount. Easy and convenient!

We can even order major appliances (fridges, air conditioners, water heaters etc) and deliver them to your doorstep on the day we’re installing them. For customers who want parts shipped to them for themselves to install, they can order the parts from our web page at

Whether you need parts or an on-site RV repair in Riverside, CA, you will receive the highest level of service from “The Doctor”. Please call our offices now at 1-866-783-6286  to schedule your appointment.  Our medical staff is waiting to assist you.