Keeps Your Fridge Cool for Your Vacation to be Cooler

The refrigerator is the only device in your recreational vehicle (RV) that can keep your steak edible and beer cold, no matter where you’re headed. It would certainly be a shame to let those prime steak cuts go bad when the fridge goes kaput while you’re on the road. Bill Gehr, writer for MotorHome Magazine, recommends having the RV fridge checked at least once a year.
If you own an RV, chances are it’s equipped with a gas/electric refrigerator. With the summer travel season on the horizon, now is the time to give your refrigerator a little TLC.
Absorption refrigerators produce cold from heat, so it’s imperative that all systems work together and function properly in order to maintain a desired temperature to prevent food from spoiling prematurely.
RV refrigerators have different maintenance requirements than home refrigerators. House models simply sit, whereas motorhome refrigerators must endure a strenuous existence of regular jostling, periods without consistent cooling and out-of-level situations. In addition, environmental factors such as high ambient temperatures combined with dust, dirt and rust truly challenge the operation of any absorption-type refrigerator throughout its service life. These combined stress points and other mechanical considerations make it important to service RV refrigerators annually.
Unlike the ones at home, RV refrigerators rely on the vehicle’s gas supply. This works when you’re camping in the great outdoors where electricity is typically unavailable. The fridge’s generator is responsible for converting heat from the gas to cold air by way of a water-ammonia mixture which functions as the main coolant.
Aside from professional Riverside County RV repair and maintenance, you can extend the service life of your RV fridge with a few storage tips. For instance, it is best not to overload your fridge so you don’t impede its ability to keep all of that food and drink cold and fresh. In this case, you may want to carry a cooler for the extra stuff, such as bottled drinks.
If you smell ammonia (which resembles the pungent odor of urine), turn off the fridge immediately and refrain from using it. Remove the contents from the fridge and transfer them to another container or cooler. As soon as you return home, schedule a service appointment with a Riverside mobile RV repair center like Chadwick RV Doctor for a thorough assessment of the damage.