Prevent Fires by Checking for Faulty Equipment

A Santa Cruz Sentinel special report dated September 26, 2013 recounts the tragedy that befell an RV and a home in Santa Cruz. The blaze consumed a camper and a nearby home, subsequently displacing one woman from her home yet injuring no one. The cause of the inferno is still under investigation.

A fire on the 100 block of Fourth Avenue burned an RV and the back of a home Thursday afternoon.

No one was injured but the blaze destroyed a Mercedes camper van and several rooms of the home. At least one woman who lives there was displaced.

Neighbors spotted the fire about 4:50 p.m., said Santa Cruz Fire Battalion Chief Rob Young. Neighbors saw smoke coming from the back of the camper van and called 911.

Firefighters arrived and found the van and the white, single-story house near it engulfed in flames. The response was upgraded to include more engines, and firefighters knocked down the blaze about 5:30 p.m., authorities said.
Californians sure love their RVs, so the loss of one can be a depressing matter for any owner who treats their RVs as prized possessions. Even more depressing is the possibility that the fire could have started from faulty equipment from within the camper. Folks should therefore check all appliances within their RVs, and must not hesitate to call for professional RV repair in Orange County, CA  as necessary.
RVs, like the homes they emulate, require constant maintenance for safety purposes. Devices like burners, furnaces, and ovens (among others) need to be kept clean and in good working order. Any oversight can easily result in a tragedy, such as the aforementioned fire, which is why RV owners should act with urgency the moment they notice any possible device malfunction.
It can be quite disconcerting when your RV suddenly develops leaks, electrical troubles, and whatnot in the middle of nowhere. Luckily for RV enthusiasts in southern California, reputable companies like Chadwick – RV Doctor offer the kind of mobile RV repair in Anaheim , San Diego, and LA County that enables prompt servicing and same-day parts replacement. In any case, it is certainly advisable for all RV users to keep a list of reliable service providers at all times.