Skilled RV Repair in San Diego 

Are you visiting San Diego for business or pleasure? Or possibly living there in your RV? Whatever your situation, the “RV Doctor” is available to give you the best RV repair in San Diego.

Because of our huge customer base we are not able to service the San Diego county areas south of Del Mar, but we can provide mobile RV repair to Oceanside  residents and most of southern California. Please see our “Service Area” map to view the areas of coverage. Naturally we will go outside these areas but additional travel charges will apply. Please see our “Terms of Service” page for our standard fees and please call us at 1-866-783-6286 for travel outside our normal service area.

Many of our customers require our help with sewer type problems including faulty waste valves, plugged toilets and waste tank blockages. Although these types of problems are unpleasant to the homeowner, we handle them in stride as they are a common occurrence for our trained technicians. And we utilize specialized equipment to correct these problems without spilling waste water anywhere.

Many RV owners believe that they should leave all their waste valves open when they are permanently connected to a site with an underground sewer. This is wrong! Here are the rules for waste valves: If you have a dishwasher or a clothes washing machine, leave your Grey valve open, as these machines will quickly fill your Grey tank. If you don’t have either of these machines I recommend closing the Grey valve so that food scraps that enter the Grey tank (via the kitchen sink) will be mixing with water in the Grey tank instead of hardening on the bottom of a dry and empty holding tank.  The Black water valve is the critical valve. It MUST be kept closed at all times except when dumping. By keeping this valve closed, you trap the water in the tank. This trapped water breaks down the solid waste and toilet paper. If you are using chemicals in the Black tank, these chemicals will mix with the trapped water to further break down the solids and allow the solids and liquids to flood out when the Black valve is opened. Always open your Black valve first and close it before opening your Grey valve. By dumping the Grey water after the Black water, the Grey water can rinse out your flexible sewer hose.

Are chemicals good for your Black Tank? All of the brand name chemicals (for Black Tanks) will improve the operation of your Black tank and some will also help lubricate the Black Waste valve. However, you should not add chemicals immediately after dumping. Here’s why: The “exit pipe” from your black tank is a 3” diameter pipe that may travel several feet before meeting the Black Waste valve. As such, the initial water that is put into the Black tank (after dumping) will run out of your Black tank via the exit line, and will sit at the closed Black Gate Valve. If the first liquid put into the Black tank (after dumping) contains chemicals, those chemicals will be sitting in the exit line at the closed Black Valve. They will not be in your tank at all! You need to put sufficient water down the toilet to fill the “Exit line” before adding chemicals.

How do you fix a toilet that has standing water in the bowl? Well you definitely shouldn’t put a hose down the toilet as that will fill up the bowl even more. Even a snake is ineffective as they are designed to navigate pipes, not holding tanks.  For that type of problem you need to call the best mobile RV repair San Diego . You need to call the experts at “Chadwick – RV Doctor”. Ask to speak to the owner (Howard Chadwick) at 949-466-9088 or 1-866-783-6286. Please call now so that we can get your problem fixed today!