The Need to Keep Your Recreational Vehicle in Good Running Condition

It Pays to Be Prepared: The Importance of Regular RV Repair in Los Angeles

The fire that blazed on the afternoon of May 27, 2013 in the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara ravaged 2.8 square miles of dry oak, pine, and chaparral. More than 550 firefighters and a dozen aircraft struggled to get the upper hand on the fast-moving conflagration, which prompted as many as 6,000 campers to evacuate the forest area on the Memorial Day holiday.

Consider yourself lucky if you weren’t there at that instance. Then again, what if you were? Do you think your RV would have held up to the chaos of evacuating out of the place in the nick of time? Would it have held together behind a long line of RVs and other fleeing vehicles in the midst of anarchic traffic? Such situations highlight how important visits to your local Los Angeles RV repair shop could be.

When the fire began, witnesses reported seeing a giant smoke cloud rising over the mountains and blanketing Santa Barbara. Michael Devlin, a Santa Barbara local, recounts that “The sky was completely red, and you could just see red sunlight coming through. It’s pretty scary.”

Since your RV represents a significant investment on your part, you need to maintain it to ensure that it serves its intended purpose at optimal effectiveness. RV maintenance goes a long way in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. The good thing about quality Los Angeles County RV repair experts like Chadwick RV Doctor is that you don’t have to drive your vehicle to the garage; as their staff are willing to come to you. You simply make a call, and their mechanics could be onsite to get the job done. So in case of emergency or just plain old regular maintenance work, have their number ready with you at all times.

Aside from regular maintenance, here are a few other tips to keep you, your RV, and those around you safe: Know the prescribed inflation pressure for your tires, and monitor each one periodically. Know your vehicle’s weight limits and stay within those limits. Check all the vehicle fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, window washer solution, etc.) and make sure they’re topped off. Above all else, be sure to drive at safe speeds.

By Wednesday, May 29, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff department reported that the fire was 90% contained. Winds held steady at 14 mph, and although humidity was still at 39 percent and temperatures were in the high 70s, firefighters were nevertheless able to make good headway. By Friday, however, the evacuated campers were still not permitted back into the fire zone to retrieve their belongings.

Although no one wishes for such events to happen, it pays to be prepared for them. Having your RV inspected and maintained regularly will ensure that on those long camping trips when the unexpected happens and you need to move on fast, you know you can rely on your RV to bear you safely through wherever you need to go.