The Trusted Choice for RV Repair in Orange County CA

We save vacations throughout Orange County! We’re the RV Doctors and we make house calls to give you the best RV repair in Orange County CA.

If you have a traumatized trailer, the Doctor will treat it. If you have a morose motor home,  the Doctor will mend it.  If your RV needs TLC, the doctor will tend to it, with a big smile and lots of useful advice too.

Orange County is our backyard and we’re here to help.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your Alfa in Albuquerque or your Toy Hauler in Temecula, we come to you and provide the best mobile RV repair in Orange County  CA.

Our tech’s all carry the highest credential level in the industry. (Master Certified RV Technician)

Our credentials are issued by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.  This is the same association that sets construction standards for RV’s.  Every certified Technician is required to complete continuing education courses to maintain their certification status, and assure you of the highest level of technical competence.

Naturally all our service staff carries a $1,000,000 liability policy to ensure that you’re always protected.  And if we can’t fix your problem, we won’t charge you a dime. Not even a travel charge.  However there are some limitations that you can view on our website.

If you’re in Orange County for your holidays and don’t want to hang around your RV while repairs are being made, ….no problem! You can leave your keys with the RV park office. We’ll retrieve the keys and do the repairs while you’re away and we’ll call you for your credit card when we’re finished.  Easy and pain free!!  You never have to worry about the safety of your belongings because the owner of RV Doctor is an ex-cop (from Canada) and adheres to the highest standards of conduct.

Oh yes, we accept  MasterCard, DiscoverCard and Visa. Ask about our discount for cash.

We service all the cities within Orange County, plus sections of all the adjoining counties. (LA, San Diego, Riverside)

Regardless of your location, if you want mobile RV repair in Orange County CA, we are at your disposal 7 days a week!
If you’re price conscious and want to shop around for the best price,  please consider these points;

Most mobile RV Technicians are self employed 1 man operations, and they have no credentials. They are not certified. They have passed no tests and have no documented level of proficiency.  Our technicians are certified at the highest possible level. (RVIA Master RV Technician)

Our Certified Service Tech’s are required to complete Continuing Education courses to keep their RVIA Certification current. Non-certified technicians aren’t required to pass any tests, or take any continuing education courses or have any recognized level of competency. There is nothing to prevent an unemployed “wrench turner” from calling himself a ”RV Technician” and working on your rig.

Very few mobile RV Technicians have liability insurance because most Mobile RV technicians have no assets to be seized in a lawsuit..  If the negligence of your serviceman causes damage to your motor home or trailer, you may discover that you cannot recover your losses from that self employed  technician, as he’s nearly broke and has no insurance.  Our service technicians all carry a $1,000,000  liability insurance policy to ensure that our clients are protected. Our clients always come first.

Here’s the typical scenario when you call one of the “other guys” They don’t have a toll free number, so you’re paying long distance to talk to them.  They usually can’t get to you quickly because they have a backlog of incomplete calls (due to lack of parts on hand) .  When they eventually arrive they often don’t have the required parts with them.  They either leave to get the parts (which makes for a very long service call) or they return another day with the parts (which makes for a double inconvenience). This 2nd visit often triggers a 2nd travel charge.  Now you’re paying extra because they didn’t stock the required parts.

Our technicians travel in 1 ton extended cargo vans brimming with the largest inventory of parts of any mobile RV repair in Anaheim  or other parts of southern California.  Because of our huge spare parts inventory, 95% of our calls are wrapped up in 1 visit, with 80% of the calls being finished within 60 minutes.  Because we are able to finish our calls during the initial visit, we  can usually get to you within 1-2 hours without wading through a queue of backlogged calls.

Remember: you can always find a less qualified person, at a lower price.  But do you want to jeopardize your family vacation and the integrity of your RV? I don’t think so. “Quality isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t quality”