Worry Less about Mechanical Breakdowns

Vacations have become fewer and farther in between for a lot of families across the country. With the cost of air travel and hotel accommodations continuing to soar at peak travel seasons, it has become less and less practical for many families to go on grand vacations out of the country or even just out of state. Consequently, a Fox34 News article dated June 22, 2013 points out that a growing number of consumers are opting to purchase motorhomes as a less costly alternative.
According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, in February 2013, RV manufacturers shipped more than 26,000 units, an increase of six percent from the same month of 2012. This was the best February total since 2008.
Meanwhile, thanks to reliable San Diego RV repair  services from companies like Chadwick – RV Doctor, RV owners can worry less about encountering mechanical breakdowns while staying at any RV park in this part of Southern California. One can, therefore, fully appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors and occasionally call on mobile RV repair experts for assistance as necessary. Meanwhile, a certain consumer from Lubbock, Texas agrees that owning an RV is a truly rewarding investment that has brought joy to his whole family.
Wesley Stribling considers his RV money well spent. He’s had it for seven years, and said he and his family get as much use out of it as possible.
“We use it to go up the mountains in Colorado and camp and fish, and that’s our yearly vacation,” Stribling said. “We get to spend good, quality time. Family time. I’ve got two kids, and we take their bikes. They can ride their bikes anywhere they want to. We get to cook our own meals, and don’t have to go out and eat. So, that’s part of the advantage we see in it.”
Thanks to mobile RV repair in Oceanside, San Diego County’s third-largest city, vacationers can make the most out of their time away from home. While the whole family is out fishing or enjoying the marvelous Southern California coastline, fully equipped RV repair specialists like Chadwick – RV Doctor can drop by and carry out the necessary repairs all within one day. With such services within reach, consumers who are still on the fence about purchasing their own recreational vehicles can cast their fears aside and look forward to hassle-free vacations with their loved ones.