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We Fix It, Or It’s Free

Mobile RV Service, with a Guaranty! We fix it, or it’s FREE !

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He arrived within an hour and had the electrical problem fixed in 45 minutes. It was great! And he charges less that the repair shops. I’m using him from now on! – Loretta from San Francisco   Very professional.   I called The Doctor and he came fast!   Impressive.

Tips to Cutting Your RV Travel Expenses

RV travel is among the least expensive types of vacations. These 10 tips show you how to make your RVing even less costly. Buy a frugal RV. Travel during the off-season for pre and post season discounts. Skip the commercial campgrounds when looking for places to stay. Read all 10 tips here

Five Helpful Tips for a Travel-Ready RV

Here are 5 essential tips to get your RV ready to travel Exterior – Inspect the roof for cracks in the sealant around vents, skylights etc. Scrape off loose sealant and reseal any affected areas with the appropriate sealant. Speak to your local RV store regarding which sealant is best. Don’t use silicone bathtub caulk. …

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Keeps Your Fridge Cool for Your Vacation to be Cooler

The refrigerator is the only device in your recreational vehicle (RV) that can keep your steak edible and beer cold, no matter where you’re headed. It would certainly be a shame to let those prime steak cuts go bad when the fridge goes kaput while you’re on the road. Bill Gehr, writer for MotorHome Magazine, …

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Worry Less about Mechanical Breakdowns

Vacations have become fewer and farther in between for a lot of families across the country. With the cost of air travel and hotel accommodations continuing to soar at peak travel seasons, it has become less and less practical for many families to go on grand vacations out of the country or even just out …

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Maintain your RV to Prevent Disaster

The fire that blazed on the afternoon of May 27, 2013 in the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara ravaged 2.8 square miles of dry oak, pine, and chaparral. More than 550 firefighters and a dozen aircraft struggled to get the upper hand on the fast-moving conflagration, which prompted as many as 6,000 campers …

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Prevent Fires by Checking for Faulty Equipment

A Santa Cruz Sentinel special report dated September 26, 2013 recounts the tragedy that befell an RV and a home in Santa Cruz. The blaze consumed a camper and a nearby home, subsequently displacing one woman from her home yet injuring no one. The cause of the inferno is still under investigation. A fire on …

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Mobile RV Water Heater Repair Services

Are you worried about routine preventive service on your water heating system? Assuming you have a standard propane water heater (not an Aqua-Hot or Hydra-Hot or other on-demand system) Here’s what you’ll need to know; All standard water heaters (ie. with tanks) will perform better if they are annually drained and flushed. This removes calcium …

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Fast and Affordable Mobile RV Repair in Riverside

There’s nothing worse than staying in your RV when a problem develops. Because you can’t easily can’t get your rig to a service center. We understand and sympathize.  That’s why you should keep your Doctor’s number handy.  Not your medical doctor, your RV Doctor! Howard Chadwick provides mobile RV repair in Riverside, and he’s known …

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