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Fast and Reliable Mobile RV Repair in Orange County

We’ve got you covered! It doesn’t matter if you have a Fleetwood in Fullerton or a Winnebago in Westminster; we come to you and provide the best mobile RV repair in Orange County.

Our technicians are all Master Certified by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) and the RVDA (Recreational Dealers Industry Association) to give you the highest level of technical competence.

Our technicians all carry full liability insurance to guaranty that you are protected.

If we can’t fix the problem, the call is free! (See this website for details and limitations)

If you’re on vacation and don’t want to interrupt your fun, no problem! Just tell us which Orange County RV Park you’re staying at, and you can leave your keys with the park office. We’ll pick-up the keys while you’re away and complete the repairs without distracting you from your holiday fun. We’ll return the keys to the park office and call your cell to get your credit card number for the billing. Easy and pain free!!

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card.

Some of the cities we service within Orange County are Anaheim, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Newport Beach, Orange, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Yorba Linda and many others.

Regardless of your location, if you want mobile RV repair in Orange County CA, we are at your disposal 7 days a week!
If you want to shop around (for the best RV Service) please consider these points;

  • Most mobile RV Technicians have no credentials. They are not certified by the RVIA/RVDA. Our technicians are certified at the highest possible level. (Master Technician)
  • Our Certified Technicians are required to complete Continuing Education courses to keep their Certification current. Non-certified technicians aren’t required to pass any tests or have any recognized level of competency.
  • Most mobile RV Technicians have no liability insurance because they are self employed and have no assets to be sued over. If your technician is negligent and his negligence results in high damage to your RV, you may discover that you cannot recover your losses from the technician, as he’s broke and uninsured. Our technicians all carry a One Million dollar liability insurance policy. We always put our clients first.
  • Would you like your service call to be completed in 1 visit?  Of course!! But what if you hire a technician who doesn’t carry any parts?  He’ll have to schedule a 2nd visit after he’s received the parts. This usually triggers a 2nd Travel Charge. (You’re paying twice because he didn’t carry the needed parts). Our technicians carry the largest inventory of parts of any Mobile RV Repair Service. Because of our large parts inventory, 95% of our calls are completed in 1 visit, with 80% of the calls being completed within 1 hour. Because we are able to complete our calls on the first visit, our availability is usually “same day” often with 1-2 hours.
  • Most mobile technicians have no on-board parts software. They don’t even have an on-board computer system. Our technicians use the patented “Magnifinder” parts software program in our service vans to assure access to all the parts breakdowns, etc. This is the same software that Camping World has used until it became too expensive for them.  Does your “other” technician have this resource?
  • No other mobile RV technicians have a toll free phone number direct to their cell phones. We do.
  • No other technician arrives in a uniform shirt, proudly displaying his certification badge and his name embroidered. We don’t hide. The others do.
  • When you make a full comparison, there is only 1 candidate that measures up. The RV Doctor. The best mobile RV service in Orange County and the surrounding areas.

The Trusted Choice for RV Repair in Orange County CA

We save vacations throughout Orange County! We’re the RV Doctors and we make house calls to give you the best RV repair in Orange County CA.

If you have a traumatized trailer, the Doctor will treat it. If you have a morose motor home,  the Doctor will mend it.  If your RV needs TLC, the doctor will tend to it, with a big smile and lots of useful advice too.

Orange County is our backyard and we’re here to help.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your Alfa in Albuquerque or your Toy Hauler in Temecula, we come to you and provide the best mobile RV repair in Orange County  CA.

Our tech’s all carry the highest credential level in the industry. (Master Certified RV Technician)

Our credentials are issued by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.  This is the same association that sets construction standards for RV’s.  Every certified Technician is required to complete continuing education courses to maintain their certification status, and assure you of the highest level of technical competence.

Naturally all our service staff carries a $1,000,000 liability policy to ensure that you’re always protected.  And if we can’t fix your problem, we won’t charge you a dime. Not even a travel charge.  However there are some limitations that you can view on our website.

If you’re in Orange County for your holidays and don’t want to hang around your RV while repairs are being made, ….no problem! You can leave your keys with the RV park office. We’ll retrieve the keys and do the repairs while you’re away and we’ll call you for your credit card when we’re finished.  Easy and pain free!!  You never have to worry about the safety of your belongings because the owner of RV Doctor is an ex-cop (from Canada) and adheres to the highest standards of conduct.

Oh yes, we accept  MasterCard, DiscoverCard and Visa. Ask about our discount for cash.

We service all the cities within Orange County, plus sections of all the adjoining counties. (LA, San Diego, Riverside)

Regardless of your location, if you want mobile RV repair in Orange County CA, we are at your disposal 7 days a week!
If you’re price conscious and want to shop around for the best price,  please consider these points;

Most mobile RV Technicians are self employed 1 man operations, and they have no credentials. They are not certified. They have passed no tests and have no documented level of proficiency.  Our technicians are certified at the highest possible level. (RVIA Master RV Technician)

Our Certified Service Tech’s are required to complete Continuing Education courses to keep their RVIA Certification current. Non-certified technicians aren’t required to pass any tests, or take any continuing education courses or have any recognized level of competency. There is nothing to prevent an unemployed “wrench turner” from calling himself a ”RV Technician” and working on your rig.

Very few mobile RV Technicians have liability insurance because most Mobile RV technicians have no assets to be seized in a lawsuit..  If the negligence of your serviceman causes damage to your motor home or trailer, you may discover that you cannot recover your losses from that self employed  technician, as he’s nearly broke and has no insurance.  Our service technicians all carry a $1,000,000  liability insurance policy to ensure that our clients are protected. Our clients always come first.

Here’s the typical scenario when you call one of the “other guys” They don’t have a toll free number, so you’re paying long distance to talk to them.  They usually can’t get to you quickly because they have a backlog of incomplete calls (due to lack of parts on hand) .  When they eventually arrive they often don’t have the required parts with them.  They either leave to get the parts (which makes for a very long service call) or they return another day with the parts (which makes for a double inconvenience). This 2nd visit often triggers a 2nd travel charge.  Now you’re paying extra because they didn’t stock the required parts.

Our technicians travel in 1 ton extended cargo vans brimming with the largest inventory of parts of any mobile RV repair in Anaheim  or other parts of southern California.  Because of our huge spare parts inventory, 95% of our calls are wrapped up in 1 visit, with 80% of the calls being finished within 60 minutes.  Because we are able to finish our calls during the initial visit, we  can usually get to you within 1-2 hours without wading through a queue of backlogged calls.

Remember: you can always find a less qualified person, at a lower price.  But do you want to jeopardize your family vacation and the integrity of your RV? I don’t think so. “Quality isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t quality”

Mobile RV Furnace Repair Services in Los Angeles County 

Have you looked at our service area in Los Angeles county for mobile RV repair-services furnace? If you’re within our service area boundaries, we can help. Even if you’re outside those boundaries, we can still repair your furnace but additional travel charges will apply.
Tips and tricks for your RV furnace.

  1. Don’t place anything flammable near the exhaust of the furnace. The exhaust air is very hot and will melt plastic tables and ignite any flammable fabric that may be obstructing the exhaust air. If you’re not sure where the furnace exhaust air is located, just turn on your furnace and walk around the outside of your RV listening for the furnace blower motor. When you’ve located the motor sound you’ll notice an exhaust vent (and possible an intake vent too). The exhaust vent will have hot air coming out.
  2. There is no air filter on a RV furnace so don’t worry about cleaning it.
  3. When you turn on your furnace for the first time each season you will smell burning dust for the first 10-20 minutes. That’s normal.
  4. Mud wasps (mud daubers) like to enter your furnace via the air intake or exhaust vents and build mud nests inside your furnace. You can buy a screen to place over the intake and exhaust vents to prevent this. Don’t get a screen with a really fine mesh as this will choke off the air supply to the furnace.
  5. If you’re in a freezing environment and your propane tank is almost empty, your furnace may not operate correctly. Filling your propane tank will fix this.
  6. When you turn on your furnace the blower motor will run for about 30 seconds before the burner ignites. When you turn off the furnace the burner will extinguish immediately but the blower motor will run for about 45 seconds.
  7. If you are “Dry Camping” your furnace will drain your battery every time the furnace comes on. Set your thermostat lower than normal to conserve battery power.

The Need to Keep Your Recreational Vehicle in Good Running Condition

It Pays to Be Prepared: The Importance of Regular RV Repair in Los Angeles

The fire that blazed on the afternoon of May 27, 2013 in the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barbara ravaged 2.8 square miles of dry oak, pine, and chaparral. More than 550 firefighters and a dozen aircraft struggled to get the upper hand on the fast-moving conflagration, which prompted as many as 6,000 campers to evacuate the forest area on the Memorial Day holiday.

Consider yourself lucky if you weren’t there at that instance. Then again, what if you were? Do you think your RV would have held up to the chaos of evacuating out of the place in the nick of time? Would it have held together behind a long line of RVs and other fleeing vehicles in the midst of anarchic traffic? Such situations highlight how important visits to your local Los Angeles RV repair shop could be.

When the fire began, witnesses reported seeing a giant smoke cloud rising over the mountains and blanketing Santa Barbara. Michael Devlin, a Santa Barbara local, recounts that “The sky was completely red, and you could just see red sunlight coming through. It’s pretty scary.”

Since your RV represents a significant investment on your part, you need to maintain it to ensure that it serves its intended purpose at optimal effectiveness. RV maintenance goes a long way in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. The good thing about quality Los Angeles County RV repair experts like Chadwick RV Doctor is that you don’t have to drive your vehicle to the garage; as their staff are willing to come to you. You simply make a call, and their mechanics could be onsite to get the job done. So in case of emergency or just plain old regular maintenance work, have their number ready with you at all times.

Aside from regular maintenance, here are a few other tips to keep you, your RV, and those around you safe: Know the prescribed inflation pressure for your tires, and monitor each one periodically. Know your vehicle’s weight limits and stay within those limits. Check all the vehicle fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, window washer solution, etc.) and make sure they’re topped off. Above all else, be sure to drive at safe speeds.

By Wednesday, May 29, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff department reported that the fire was 90% contained. Winds held steady at 14 mph, and although humidity was still at 39 percent and temperatures were in the high 70s, firefighters were nevertheless able to make good headway. By Friday, however, the evacuated campers were still not permitted back into the fire zone to retrieve their belongings.

Although no one wishes for such events to happen, it pays to be prepared for them. Having your RV inspected and maintained regularly will ensure that on those long camping trips when the unexpected happens and you need to move on fast, you know you can rely on your RV to bear you safely through wherever you need to go.